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Tạp chí trong nước 2020
Số tạp chí June/2020(2020) Trang: 91-95
Tạp chí: Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences
Liên kết:

Besides the formal education mode, constant education mode plays an important role and function in meeting the needs of human resources to help decrease the gap of the level of production and social life in Vietnam compared with developing countries in the region and the world, and integrate Vietnamese education into regional and global education, which is developing continuously. To achieve the above-mentioned missions, aside from diversifying modes of training, constant education mode requires evaluation and understanding of the roles, functions together with opportunities and challenges of this mode correctly to support and influence it positively. In the process of human resource training in the Mekong Delta during this time, it is undeniable to mention the role of Cantho University, which makes a great effort to maintain and develop the effectiveness of constant education mode.

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