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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2011) Trang: 19
Tạp chí: Asian Seminar "Sustainable Biomass Production by Microbial Symbiosis and its Bioconversion in Southeast Asia"
Liên kết:

To determine effects of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria on the sticky rice CK 2003 grown in alluvial soil in Chau Phu district, An Giang province, Vietnam, a greenhouse and a field experiment were carried out. The results showed that the nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria with additional chemical fertilizer helped increase the leaf color index, plant height, number of shoots/bush, dry weight of root, number of spikelets/bush, grain yield and 1000 grain weight compared to the control in the net house experimental conditions. When using phosphate- solubilizing bacteria combined with 100%N and different levels of P2O5, nitrogen-fixing bacteria  combined with 75%N+100% P2O5 and  nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and fertilizer from 50-75%N, 50-75% P2O5 the agronomic characteristics and yiel components were not significantly different compared to treatment used 100%N +100% P2O5 and without inoculation. In the field experimental conditions, the nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with the phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and 50%N+ 50% P2O5 helped increase the agronomic characteristics and yield components of sticky rice such as dry weight of bush increased 2.85 times (185.06%), actual yield increased 1.48 times (44.8%), 1000 grain weight increased 3.97% compared to the control. So, when applying this formula in cultivation of sticky rice, 50%N and 50% P2O5 could be saved.

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