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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
978-89-7257-474-3 93330 (2017) Trang: 151-171
Tạp chí: Intercultural Perspectives in the Multicultural Era: Value & Life World
Liên kết:

This study aims at providing a more specific insight into the accessibility of the employment and employment choice for those who originate from the Mekong River Delta region of Vietnam (called MRD migrants) and also local workers by using the survey data collected in some urban destinations. The surveyed result indicates that most migrants often seek the employment information via an informal source such as their friends, relatives who are also migrant and working for a certain place in the destination, due to creditability, costless, and convenience. Dealing with the employment choice made by laborers (i.e. migrants and locals), the choice model for individuals introduced by Borjas (1986) is applied with the Logit function which reveals that individuals who are less skilled, older, married women often engage in the self-employment as their career option, because this type of job seems to be suitable to their ability and time constraint.

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