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Số 03 (2016) Trang: 14-18
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Received date: 27/07/2015

Accepted date: 08/08/2016


A total of 60 chicken egg litters of obtained from local scavenging hens (crossbred Noi) at the first drop (young hens) and later (old hens). Three eggs of each litter were used to determine egg weight, the chemical composition, egg quality and fat components as cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL- cholesterol. The results indicated that egg weight of the first litter was smaller (39.2 g) as compared to the later (41.9 g), but had proportionately higher in yolk index (0.275 vs 0.234), albumen index (0.074 vs 0.066), Haugh unit (83.2 vs 81.4) and shell ratio (12.7% vs 11.9%). There were no differences in whole egg or yolk or albumen composition between the eggs produced from young and old hens (P>0.05). Except, egg yolk protein content of old hen’s eggs (15.4%) was higher than that of young hens (14.7%). Cholesterol content was lower in eggs of the young (8.0 mg/g yolk) as compared to that of old hens (8.94 mg/g yolk), in the reverse order for HDL-C (4.70 vs 4.15 mg/g yolk). Triglyceride content in egg of young hens (7.4 mg/g yolk) was higher than that of old ones (4.15 mg/g yolk). This study presented a preliminary database on quality traits, composition and lipid components of the Noi lai chicken keeping in the Mekong delta.


Cholesterol, HDL-C, egg quality, egg production cycle, crossbred Noi chicken, triglycerides

Cited as: Dung, N.N.X. and Manh, L.H., 2016. Evaluation of quality traits, chemical composition and egg yolk lipid components of Noi lai chicken. Can Tho University Journal of Science. Vol 3: 14-18.

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