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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2016) Trang: 139-149
Tạp chí: Hội thảo quốc gia bệnh hại thực vật Việt Nam
Liên kết:

Anthracnose disease is one of the major economic constraints to chili production worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. Beside, plant disease management towards biocontrol is being encouraged in agricuture production. In particular, actinomycetes is a biological agent shown many strengths and were being studied. Because of that this research was conducted at laboratory of Plan Protection Department, College of Agriculture Biology, Can Tho University with its objective is selecting for actinomycetes strains that are capable of controlling anthracnose disease and plant growth -promoting on chili. The results found that pretreated and postreated treatment with HG-03 isolate suspension were able to reduce lesion diameter on chili, so it had given higher disease protection than other treaments(exceptstreated with fungicide) at 4,6 and 8 days after pathogen inoculation in comparision with the control treament. Moreover, results also showed that 8 strains actinomycets studied have growth - promotingability on seedingchili through increase radicle length, plant height and dry weight of plant higher than the control. Especially, a mong eight those trains, three strains have P-solubilizing capacity, they contain CT10, ST03 and CT14 strain. Future, actinomycets strains should be continued to evaluate efficiency in the controlling anthracnose disease and plant growth - promoting on chili under field condition.

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